how to get a passportThere are 8800+ Passport Offices in the United States.

Find out the opening hours, address, phone number & services available from any passport office near you.

Most of the passport acceptance facilities are located in post offices or state / municipal / county / town public buildings.

The Passport Offices Basic Process

When you apply at an acceptance facility, you need to provide a completed DS-11 Form as weel as the required supporting documents.

The local passport offices are acceptance agents, the acceptance agent will then witness your signature on the Form and seal your documents.  The agent then sends your application to a regional Passport Agency office to be processed.

This office will not issue your Passport

You choose the speed of the service that you require:

  • Standard Service – six to eight weeks
  • Expedited Service – two to three weeks

The above timescale assume there are noissues or error with your passport application.

Find a Passport Office Near You

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