North Carolina PassportTo get a North Carolina Passport, you can use any of the North Carolina local passport acceptance agent offices.

Passport acceptance agent offices in North Carolina are generally located in local post offices, City clerk and County clerk offices, public libraries, and some other NC public buildings.

There are 141 North Carolina Passport acceptance agent office locations across 80 counties.

Generally acceptance agent office facilities in North Carolina require you to make an appointment. So please call and book an appointment before visiting.

North Carolina Passport Guidance:

The average processing time for a new passport application through an acceptance facility in North Carolina is an estimated 4 to 6 weeks. Alternatively the estimated time for an expedited application in North Carolina is 2 to 3 weeks.

It is possible to get a quicker turnaround if you go to a regional passport office in North Carolina, there are no regional passport offices in North Carolina state, there are 28 regional passport offices in the United States in total. Appointments may be a little more difficult to secure for the regional passport offices in NC, so be sure to make a booking advance.

The opening hours for each North Carolina Passport facility will vary greatly, however all passport acceptance agent office locations are generally closed on public holiday.
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All North Carolina Passport Offices (141 Locations across 80 Counties):

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