Traveling last minute? – What you should know about how to get a passport fast.  Did you plan a last minute trip out of the country because the deal simply couldn’t be passed up? Or, did your employer ask you to go out of the country to meet with a new client? If you need to expedite passport services, due to the fact that you do not have an international passport ready to go, how do you go about getting the rush passport services completed? If you want to know how to get a passport fast, these are a few basics about the expedited process you have to know.

What’s the first step?

When you want to know hast fast can I get a passport, typically the wait period is about one month; with expedited services, you can get it usually in less than two week’s time. The first step is to apply with the DS-11 form. This is the same form you file for a regular application and it also has to be filed with expedited ones. You can either download, print, and complete offline or you can file the application online as well.

Gather supporting documents

When filing out your application for an expedited passport, it must be done at a passport courier service or local passport agency. When completing the application certain documents will be required of you. What will you have to present?
– Valid proof of US citizenship must be original and certified (naturalization document, previous passport, birth certificate, etc).
– Proof of Identity
– If applicable, evidence of name change for certain applicants.
Having all of this pertinent information beforehand, will not only ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, but also ensures there are no delays in the process, namely due to the fact that you are traveling short term so you need to get the passport completed in the shortest period of time possible.

It is important to note an appointment is required at the courier facilities, so make sure you set it up before simply going into the facilities to file your expedited application. For certain situations (life and death, family, etc), priorities may be given in setting up an appointment, especially if the agency you are planning on applying with is booked and doesn’t have any open appointments.

Private agency filing

If you are extremely tight on time, or if you can’t get an appointment, there is a second form of getting your expedited passport application completed. There are national agencies which are privately owned, third party companies, which file applications on behalf of individuals who need an expedited passport done. In addition to getting your passport in less time, they will also assist those filing for Visa applications, citizenship requests, and other naturalization documents. Depending on the agency or company which you choose to go through, the cost will vary.

What are the fees?

Due to the nature and time sensitivity with expedited documents, there are additional fees you will pay for having the passport completed in a shorter time frame than the traditional application window. So, what are the fees you can expect to pay ?
– An expedited service fee of $60.
– Original application fee of $110.
– $14.85 for overnight delivery of your new passport for individuals who are extremely limited on time.
– $25 paid to the acceptance agent for the execution fee of the speedy application.
Depending on additional requests being made, or other local taxes in your state, there are certain places where these fees or additional costs will vary. All of this information will be given to you when setting up your appointment to have an expedited application completed.

Need it faster?

Yes, submitting your application with an expedited service company is quick and should be completed in less than 2 weeks. But, there is another option, which is your fastest option, which is submitting the application to a regional agency where same day processing is available. Expedited courier services can handle these services for individuals who are traveling immediately and require a passport.

If you have a couple weeks before your travel dates expedited services are typically enough time. For those who are truly limited on time, and need their passport right away, the option to visit a regional facility to have your passport services completed, allows you to receive a new passport on the same day you file your application.